I believe that all students, regardless of age, are all unique individuals each with their own goals and aspirations. Sir Ken Robinson states “All students are unique individuals with their own hopes, talents, anxieties, fears, passions, and aspirations. Engaging them as individuals is the heart of raising achievement” I firmly believe that engaging each student with their curiosity and desire to learn is vital, and allowing them to do so at their own pace. 

Music, and indeed the Arts, can play an incredible part throughout our lives, and that should be nurtured as early as possible. Studying music and arts can help students achieve a more fuller and richer education, and it can provide opportunities to learn and discover about different cultures. Their curiosity and creativity is at its peak when actively engaging in something artistic, and this is something that can help keep their confidence up throughout their life, instead of losing it. 

  Each student will be in a stimulating environment where they can learn, grow and develop as not just a music student, but as an individual. The student will feel safe, actively encouraged to ask questions without any fear of whether they are correct or not, nor should they feel any embarrassment for not knowing the answer in the first place. More Importantly, they should enjoy the learning experience throughout. Leonard Bernstein once said, “Children must receive musical instruction as naturally as food, and with as much pleasure as they derive from a baseball game. And this must happen from the beginning of their school lives.” This rings true for both the importance of music education, as well as the enjoyment of it.